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      4-advantages of Dachuan Circuit Board Group

      We are always your most trustworthy cooperating partners.
      Wide range of application field of the company’s products
      The Company mainly produces FR-4 single-side, double-side, multi-layer, impedance circuit board and customized quick sample-plate products for all kinds of special requirements. These products are widely used in the high-tech field of tele-communication, power, energy, science and education.
      The company was created by some professionals majored in circuit board.
      The company has an engineering staff with years’ circuit board manufacturing experience and top quality.
      The company provides top-quality, quick and professional PCB/FPC/SMT R&D, design and expert-level technical support and service.
      Powerful manufacturing capacity and perfect quality assurance system
      Dachuan possesses many-years’ circuit board manufacturing experience and top-quality engineering team. It introduced ISO9001 quality management system in 2011. The product quality closely complies with ISO9001 Standard provisions.
      The customization and after-sale of top-quality products maintain one-stop perfect solution.
      It is obligatory to provide our customers with the perfect and quick service and technical support. Meeting the customers’ need from the hear bottom is our goal forever.

      Shenzhen Okawa Circuit Board Co., Ltd

      Shenzhen Okawa Circuit Board Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Okawa) was established in 2010 locating at the Dingfeng Technological Park of Shayi Community which is the “ Sea   Garden ” of Shajing with an area of  5000m2 . The company has over 300 staffs (including 60 hi-tech talents) with the fixed assets reaching RMB16 million as a hi-tech enterprise specialized in the production and technical development of PCB. Okawa insists on the operation thought of “Brave Progress, People's Livelihood , Mutual Benefits and Excellent Technologies”, and the operation mode of “Small Change in 3 Years and Great Change in 5 Years”, and has developed into the leading role in the industry...





      改變,趁現在… 一切都在變化,從一個時代到另一個時代或從一天到另一天,改變是我們每個人、每個事物、每個環境都無法逃脫的命運。 管理公司進駐后,從細微處開始著手改變......一、改變-工作習慣篇嗎 ……

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